Men wearing bikinis going ultra micro

On any beach in any major city you will see the trend is men wearing bikinis. When we talk about men wearing bikinis we are not talking about Speedos which are considered trunks or briefs, we are talking about fashion styles. Hot Brazilian bikinis, wild full back bikinis and one of the newest men wearing bikinis trend is the ultra micro pouch bikini. These pouches are so small that many of the are smaller than anything you will see a women wearing. Many are just about the same size as the smallest pouches on womens suits. I have seen men wearing bikinis with their girlfriends with almost matching swimsuit sizes. To me this is one of the most exciting trends. These suits are extremely sexy, they let the wearer get a fantastic full body tan and many of the bcks on these suits are so small they cover less than 50% of the cheeks. Some much smaller that can be used as thongs too. Men wearing bikinis styles can still be considered a real bikini with coverage down to about 25% of the rear and smaller falls into the thong or hybrid thong range. You can see the most amazing styles for men at mens swimwear.


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men wearing bikinis Ultra micro swimsuits