Men Wearing Bikinis Proudly


On every beach throughout the world these days, you will see many men wearing bikinis proudly. These are the men that have worked long and hard to get their bodies in shape just so they can appear in public wearing sexy bikinis that will have observers drooling over them. Bikinis used to be considered sinful and wicked, which made most places ban these simple swimsuits. Through the years, though, it has become not only acceptable, but encouraged, for men to wear bikinis when they go swimming.

One of the reasons for this turn around just might be that the men wearing bikinis who want to be seen as hot and sexy are the ones that will put the time and energy into getting a healthier body, both on the outside and the inside. Their bodies will suddenly become their temples because they are taking such great care of themselves. That may not have happened quite so often in the past before the introduction of bikinis for men. These garments brought out the vanity in most men and they went to work quickly to get themselves in bikini wearing shape.  As it turns out, bikinis have made men, overall, much healthier.

Men wearing bikinis has accomplished something else, too. The men that look the hottest in these garments have made the blood circulation in both men and women speed up when they lay eyes on these men proudly sporting their bikinis. Just imagine how exciting it is to watch a mostly nude man with a body that won’t quit as he strolls past you on the beach. Your heart will start to race and your blood pressure rises. A sight like this will really get your blood pumping and you will feel more alive than you ever felt in your life. Sit back and enjoy the view. It will be well worth it.


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Watching Men Wearing Bikinis



This is going to sound really odd coming from a man, but I love going to the beach and watching men wearing bikinis. That’s right; I said it! There’s just something so sexy about a man in good shape displaying his tanned and oiled body in a great fitting bikini. The way that these guys move as they work their way from their towels to the water is like a work of art to me. Just watching their muscles rippling throughout their bodies as they ride the waves is mesmerizing.


After reading that, you probably assume that I’m gay but, the fact is, that I’m not. I do, however, have some gay friends and it might be their fault that I so enjoy watching men wearing bikinis. See, I started going to the gym with some of these friends and just got hooked on watching them as they worked out on the various machines. Maybe I’ve got a fetish of well-muscled men or something. The thing is that it wasn’t so different to go from watching my well-built friends in the gym to watching them on the beach.


The first time I was invited to a pool party by one of them, I was in heaven. Being surrounded by all of those men wearing bikinis was just about more excitement than I could handle. Thankfully, the guys there thought it was sexy that I stayed hard the entire time. Otherwise, I would have had to leave and would have missed some of the most fun that I had ever had at a party. I was made to feel welcome and even made some new friends. In fact, after I had had a few drinks, I started talking with a couple of guys about what I liked and they totally understood. Actually, they understood like no other men possibly could and now I get to host these pool parties at least once a month. Then I can watch all the men in bikinis that I want.

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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!

Experiencing Men Wearing Bikinis


If you haven’t seen any men wearing bikinis, then you aren’t going to the same beaches that I visit. Every time I go out to the beach, I see more and more guys wearing these swimwear designs and I feel like I am being left out somehow. I never would have thought that men could ever wear a bikini style swimwear, but the guys that I see walking around on the beach are doing it very well. So well that I find myself spending more time looking at them than I do enjoying the sun while I’m out there.


I have thought about trying out some of the designs that those men wearing bikinis have been wearing, but I’m not really sure if I would look all that good in them. I figured that people would start laughing at me as soon as they saw what I was wearing. That is until I saw a guy that definitely didn’t have a body for a bikini walking down the beach in one. Some people looked at him and whispered a few things to their friends but, overall, he went by unnoticed by everyone on the beach.

I figure if men wearing bikinis like that weren’t being hassled all the time, then I could probably get away with wearing one myself. So I went ahead and purchased a couple of bikini designs that I thought would look good on me. It took a bit of time to get used to them but, after a couple of days, I was comfortable enough to head out to the beach and see what others might think about them. Thankfully, I was met with plenty of comments even though there were a few people that looked at me like I was somewhat strange for wearing a bikini, but it wasn’t all that bad of an experience.


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Men Wearing Bikinis and Loving It

When it comes to men wearing bikinis, I only have one thing to say; keep wearing them, fellas. I love the fact that men have taken a stand against all those hypocritical people in the world that say a bikini is strictly meant for a woman to wear. I like the feeling of having a bikini on and the attention that I tend to get when I am walking around on the beach in one. Just because you think that only women should be wearing a bikini doesn’t mean that you are right. After all, it is only your opinion.

I love seeing men wearing bikinis out on the beach, especially when I have my own bikini on. Men deserve to feel and look just as sexy as women do and I feel the bikini is only the beginning of this sexiness. I think that men should be allowed to wear whatever kind of clothing that makes them the most comfortable. If that means you want to wear a dress out in public, then I say go for it! I want to see your sexy ass walking down the street in high heels and your favorite dress feeling good about yourself!

The world is so caught up in what roles men and women should stick to that they forget how to live. Men wearing bikinis know exactly how they want to live in order to experience the happiness they are in need of and you shouldn’t stop them from that. They are doing everything they can in their lives to maintain their manhood these days that occasionally wearing a bikini shouldn’t be such a bad thing. I predict that the future of mens swimwear will be more like the bikinis that some of these men are wearing now and less like the trunks that have been around for decades.

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Tips from Men Wearing Bikinis


I saw some men wearing bikinis the other day and couldn’t believe my eyes. I had never even known that anything like this was available because all I ever did was purchase my swimwear from a store. But these guys were walking around in something that really grabbed my attention and I had to figure out where they bought them. I walked up to them and told them how great they looked and we got into a conversation about where they purchased their bikinis. This led me to a website that they told me to check out. That’s exactly what I did as soon as I got home.

I wanted to see if those men wearing bikinis were right about the website they gave me and, sure enough, they were. I was amazed at all the different designs that they had available and spent hours looking through them to find something that I would be happy wearing. I did find just about the same designs that they had on, but I didn’t think it would be right of me to wear the same thing. So I kept looking for something different. I did end up finding something that was different and that is what I bought.


Now the men wearing bikinis that gave me the site told me that they were going to be regulars on that beach. So when my bikini showed up I wanted to go show it to them. I wasn’t aware that the bikini I had wasn’t going to be allowed on the beach, though. It turns out that it was just a little too erotic for the comfort of the patrons of that beach and I was going to have to change into something else. All that excitement and I can’t even wear it out in public to show it off. That was a huge disappointment but I’ll find another beach where I can wear it.


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Making Friends with Men Wearing Bikinis

The strangest thing in my life happened to me the other day. I was out on the beach enjoying the sun and there were two men wearing bikinis walking towards me. I wasn’t exactly sure what I should do as they got closer so I just sat there and pretended like nothing was going on. They walked up to me and stopped, looking down smiling, and asked me if there were any good clubs close to the beach. I looked up at them, trying really hard not to spend too much time looking at their bikinis and smiled back.

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After a few minutes of discussing the nightlife in town with these two men in bikinis, I found out that they were actually on vacation from Florida. They were only going to be in town for a few days but they wanted to have some fun while they were there. We had a very interesting conversation for a while before I just couldn’t stop myself from asking about their choice of swimwear. They laughed and said that they noticed people were staring at them all day and told me that it was common for guys to wear things like that on the beaches they frequent in Florida.

I ended up heading out on the town with those men wearing bikinis that night and had the time of my life. I never would have guessed that two guys could be that much fun to hang out with and they actually talked me into trying on one of their bikinis later that night. I have to admit that it was enticing and I didn’t really want to take it off but then, I realized I was wearing another guys swimwear. I have since bought my own bikini but the people here just aren’t ready for something like that just yet. At least I can wear it around my house.

Moving Past Jokes about Men Wearing Bikinis

Moving Past Jokes about Men Wearing Bikinis

I have seen men wearing bikinis out on the beach, but I never thought that I would be one of them. In fact, I used to make fun of those guys walking around in some skimpy looking bikini type thing but now, I am finding myself drawn to wearing them instead. It just seems odd to me that I have reached that moment in my life where I don’t care so much about what others might think of me when they see me walking by in a bikini because I am so comfortable in it. I guess I am getting older and finding myself growing up just a bit.

I know that when men wearing bikinis used to walk past my friend and me, we would laugh and crack all kinds of jokes about them, but it was all meant in fun as far as I was concerned. Now, though, I am finding myself a bit upset with the teasing that I put out there because I actually enjoy wearing my bikinis out in public. It may not be the “in” thing to do these days, but wearing my bikini out on the beach makes me happy and that is all that matters to me.

I do try to not wear my bikini around my friends, though. Even today they will crack jokes about men wearing bikinis on the beach and I always fall silent when they do. I don’t even laugh anymore at the jokes that they are coming up with. I feel that if I did, then I would be judging myself for wearing one as well and that is something I will never do. Of course, I don’t stop them or tell them that I wear a bikini, either, which is no better than making the jokes in the first place, but I am sure that someday I will let them all know. Then I can feel better about myself.


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Watching Men Wearing Bikinis

Watching Men Wearing Bikinis

Whenever I see men wearing bikinis that reveal a bit more of their body than most people might be comfortable with, my heart skips a beat. There is something inside me that tells me I need to do everything I can in order to get to the beach and see these guys walking around. I plan my entire day around going to the beach as soon as I get home so that I can watch the sexy men walking down the beach. I observe them and imagine what it would be like to be one of them someday.

I have always wanted to be one of those men wearing bikinis on the beach, but I never really had the body for that sort of thing. I’m not the most in shape sort of guy so wearing a bikini isn’t exactly an option for me, but I do enjoy seeing other guys wearing them. I have tried to get into shape but I never seem to have the willpower needed to reach the success that would allow me to wear a bikini and be seen as one of those sexy men. Although I do own a couple bikinis of my own, I only wear them around the house or under my clothes for the most part.

I have spent years watching men wearing bikinis walking down the beach and every year the designs get better and better. I get the chance to see much more bare skin with every new design that is launched. It makes me wonder when the time will come that guys are walking around naked on the beach and no one thinks it’s strange. Part of me hopes that day comes quickly and part of me hopes it takes a bit longer because I really do enjoy seeing all the new designs that keep showing up at my local beach.


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Men Wearing Bikinis and Various Mindsets

Men Wearing Bikinis and Various Mindsets

When it comes to men wearing bikinis, there is a line of thinking that states it is wrong. Most people don’t think men should be wearing something that women would wear, even if they aren’t exactly the same kind of designs. Many of these people feel that men should be wearing trunks that hang down past their knees and even Speedos should be banned on public beaches. But there is another line of thinking that states if you have the body for it, then you should be showing it off as often as you possibly can. These people like seeing sexy men wearing things that show off their bodies and those are the people you want to hang out with.



Mens swimwear designs including bikinis, thongs, micro swimwear, sheer swimwear, micro thongs, jockstrap style suits, short shorts, male enhancement swimsuits

If you go to a beach and see a lot of men wearing bikinis, then you know for a fact that you are in the right place. You could put your bikini on and join in with all those other guys and have the time of your life. Of course, no one will notice you amongst the crowd of bikini clad men if you aren’t wearing something extremely different from everyone else. This means you are going to have to do some shopping in order to find something extra special to wear.

Most men wearing bikinis will tell you that they can get all the attention they need just by walking down the beach. But if that beach is filled with lots of men wearing the same thing, then the attention they do get is going to be split between all the others. So you can either step things up by wearing a skimpier bikini or you can head off to a beach that doesn’t have quite as many guys walking around wearing the same thing you are. You would probably get a lot more attention by going to another beach if you can.

Model Men Wearing Bikinis

Model Men Wearing Bikinis

I have seen some sexy men wearing bikinis in my life but the guys that I saw this last weekend were probably the sexiest of all. I was down on the local beach where there was a roped off area and a bunch of tents set up. People were swarming all around these tents the entire time I was watching, but I couldn’t see what was actually happening on the other side of them. All I knew is that there were a lot of people and they all seemed really busy with whatever it was they were doing there.

I was just about ready to give up and walk away when three men wearing bikinis came around one of the tents and walked towards the water. Naturally, that caught my eye as these guys were extremely good looking and wearing some of the hottest bikinis I had ever seen in my life. That is when I realized that it was some kind of photo shoot and these guys were the models that were having their pictures taken. My interest was renewed at that very second and I did everything I could to get a better look at what was going on.

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These men wearing bikinis were talking amongst themselves for a few minutes and I was able to get close enough to get a really good look at what they were wearing. I had no idea that the designs they had on were even available on the market these days, but I definitely wanted to get my hands on some of them. I wanted to know what it would be like to wearing something these models were wearing in the hopes that it would make me look as good as they did. I doubt anything like that would have happened, but I sure did enjoy watching them for the rest of the day and dreaming about it all.