Men Wearing Bikinis Proudly


On every beach throughout the world these days, you will see many men wearing bikinis proudly. These are the men that have worked long and hard to get their bodies in shape just so they can appear in public wearing sexy bikinis that will have observers drooling over them. Bikinis used to be considered sinful and wicked, which made most places ban these simple swimsuits. Through the years, though, it has become not only acceptable, but encouraged, for men to wear bikinis when they go swimming.

One of the reasons for this turn around just might be that the men wearing bikinis who want to be seen as hot and sexy are the ones that will put the time and energy into getting a healthier body, both on the outside and the inside. Their bodies will suddenly become their temples because they are taking such great care of themselves. That may not have happened quite so often in the past before the introduction of bikinis for men. These garments brought out the vanity in most men and they went to work quickly to get themselves in bikini wearing shape.  As it turns out, bikinis have made men, overall, much healthier.

Men wearing bikinis has accomplished something else, too. The men that look the hottest in these garments have made the blood circulation in both men and women speed up when they lay eyes on these men proudly sporting their bikinis. Just imagine how exciting it is to watch a mostly nude man with a body that won’t quit as he strolls past you on the beach. Your heart will start to race and your blood pressure rises. A sight like this will really get your blood pumping and you will feel more alive than you ever felt in your life. Sit back and enjoy the view. It will be well worth it.


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Watching the Men Wearing Bikinis


One of my favorite pastimes when I am out on the beach is watching men wearing bikinis. Before you start laughing and thinking about what a pervert I am, let me explain my position. You see, not all men on the beach wear bikinis. There are still many guys that are wearing boxers, jams, and even just regular shorts when they visit the beach. So when I see a guy strolling around me wearing a bikini, you better believe that I sit up and take notice. The reason is that most of these men look very sexy in those bikinis and I do enjoy looking at a beautiful and well-kept body.


When you think about it, most men wearing bikinis do everything they can to keep themselves in great physical condition. Typically, these are the guys that follow a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. They don’t want to be seen with that much of their naked bodies exposed to virtual strangers if they look anything less than perfect. Granted, not all of these guys have completely perfect bodies, but they do the best they can. It isn’t often that you see guys desperately out of shape sporting a bikini in public although they do exist. For the most part, you can expect the bikini guys to look decent in their chosen swimsuit style.


Men wearing bikinis can be some of the hottest entities to watch whether on the beach or around a resort swimming pool. As long as they’re in my sight, I’m a happy man. I’ve even started to think about taking pictures of some of the hotter guys that I spot during my observations. I’m not quite sure how to do that yet, though, and I certainly don’t want some muscle bound guy to flatten me because I took his photo. So, I think, for now, that I’ll just content myself with continuing to watch them.

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Watching Men Wearing Bikinis



This is going to sound really odd coming from a man, but I love going to the beach and watching men wearing bikinis. That’s right; I said it! There’s just something so sexy about a man in good shape displaying his tanned and oiled body in a great fitting bikini. The way that these guys move as they work their way from their towels to the water is like a work of art to me. Just watching their muscles rippling throughout their bodies as they ride the waves is mesmerizing.


After reading that, you probably assume that I’m gay but, the fact is, that I’m not. I do, however, have some gay friends and it might be their fault that I so enjoy watching men wearing bikinis. See, I started going to the gym with some of these friends and just got hooked on watching them as they worked out on the various machines. Maybe I’ve got a fetish of well-muscled men or something. The thing is that it wasn’t so different to go from watching my well-built friends in the gym to watching them on the beach.


The first time I was invited to a pool party by one of them, I was in heaven. Being surrounded by all of those men wearing bikinis was just about more excitement than I could handle. Thankfully, the guys there thought it was sexy that I stayed hard the entire time. Otherwise, I would have had to leave and would have missed some of the most fun that I had ever had at a party. I was made to feel welcome and even made some new friends. In fact, after I had had a few drinks, I started talking with a couple of guys about what I liked and they totally understood. Actually, they understood like no other men possibly could and now I get to host these pool parties at least once a month. Then I can watch all the men in bikinis that I want.

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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!

Experiencing Men Wearing Bikinis


If you haven’t seen any men wearing bikinis, then you aren’t going to the same beaches that I visit. Every time I go out to the beach, I see more and more guys wearing these swimwear designs and I feel like I am being left out somehow. I never would have thought that men could ever wear a bikini style swimwear, but the guys that I see walking around on the beach are doing it very well. So well that I find myself spending more time looking at them than I do enjoying the sun while I’m out there.


I have thought about trying out some of the designs that those men wearing bikinis have been wearing, but I’m not really sure if I would look all that good in them. I figured that people would start laughing at me as soon as they saw what I was wearing. That is until I saw a guy that definitely didn’t have a body for a bikini walking down the beach in one. Some people looked at him and whispered a few things to their friends but, overall, he went by unnoticed by everyone on the beach.

I figure if men wearing bikinis like that weren’t being hassled all the time, then I could probably get away with wearing one myself. So I went ahead and purchased a couple of bikini designs that I thought would look good on me. It took a bit of time to get used to them but, after a couple of days, I was comfortable enough to head out to the beach and see what others might think about them. Thankfully, I was met with plenty of comments even though there were a few people that looked at me like I was somewhat strange for wearing a bikini, but it wasn’t all that bad of an experience.


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Shopping for Unique Men Wearing Bikinis

Shopping for Unique Men Wearing Bikinis

In many parts of the world, spring is coming to an end and easing into the hot, hazy days of summer. This is the time when men wearing bikinis becomes a very important part of the day especially when if you visit the beaches close to you or go on vacation to those other worldly beaches with lax attitudes and rules. Whether you’re a watcher or a wearer, you’ve got to admit that this is one of the best times of the year. It’s sort of a hobby with me to find the best beaches to view some of the finest men in their bikinis strolling at the water’s edge. I make it a point to truly enjoy myself as I watch these men wearing bikinis go by while I lounge on my beach towel.

If you happen to be one of those men who will be showing off his body on a beach or at a resort swimming pool, you will want to start shopping now for new bikinis, if you haven’t already. Most men find that it’s better to shop for the most unique designs and styles on the Internet. Mall shopping doesn’t always get the job done unless you happen to live in a big city where there are some of the higher end mens’ stores. Even with those, however, you may not find any truly sexy swimsuits.

To truly be one of the men wearing bikinis that will garner attention this summer, try looking online at some of the better websites catering to mens swimwear. These sites are the places you’re sure to find something hot, sexy and more unique than anything you’ll ever find in ordinary stores or shops. Not only will your selections be better, but you won’t have to fight the throngs of people that will also be doing some summer shopping. Instead, you can browse for just the right swimwear right from the comfort of your home. Then, just sit back and wait until it’s delivered directly to your front door. Now you tell me; what could be easier?

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Why You Should Join the Men Wearing Bikinis

Why You Should Join the Men Wearing Bikinis

If you have never seen men wearing bikinis before, then you definitely don’t get out of your house often enough. At least you haven’t been going to any of the beaches that are popular with men anyway. There are a lot more guys wearing these bikinis out there than there are guys sticking with the traditional swimming trunk design that they have worn since childhood. If they are willing to go out there wearing a bikini, then why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy them as well? It’s only natural that swimwear should change and you have to be willing to change right along with them.

Most of the men wearing bikinis that I know are all professionals and family men that love to wear something different from everyone else. Occasionally, I meet the guy that simply wants to make people stare at him every time he walks by, but those guys are not the norm for wearing things like bikinis. Of course, that doesn’t mean people aren’t going to be staring at you. After all, you are wearing something extremely sexy and that will always turn heads in your direction whether you want it to or not.

You just have to realize that men wearing bikinis is no different from any other clothing option that has come into style these days. If you remember, there was a big trend about wearing bell bottoms not too many years ago and every one was perfectly fine with that. Why shouldn’t guys wear swimwear that they feel is sexy and they enjoy? Just because you call it a bikini doesn’t mean that you are any less of a man for wearing it and some guys actually become a bit manlier when they have something like this to wear out in public. It gives them that extra boost of self-confidence.


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Men Wearing Bikinis Get All the Phone Numbers

Men Wearing Bikinis Get All the Phone Numbers

When it comes to men wearing bikinis, you have to make sure that you are wearing something that will make your body look good. If you are walking around in swimwear that doesn’t fit your body the right way, then people are simply going to laugh at you or try to avoid you at all costs. You aren’t going to have any fun on your day out on the beach and, more importantly, you aren’t going to meet anyone new. That is the whole reason to wear something like this in the first place.

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Most men wearing bikinis tend to take care of their bodies in ways that other men aren’t accustomed to. It will take some willpower to make sure you keep your body in shape, but it’s worth every second of it. You just have to be willing to put in that hard work and purchase the right bikinis to show that hard work off with. Then, you can take both that sexy body and your bikini out to the beach and see how many phone numbers you can get. If you do it the right way, then you will find that your weekends will be booked for months to come without a break.



More Men Wearing Bikinis Now

More Men Wearing Bikinis Now

I have started to notice that there are more men wearing bikinisout on the beach than there are women half the time. I’m not exactly sure what to think about something like that, but I guess it isn’t all that bad. Although, I would like to see some women wearing these same bikinis, I know that they probably wouldn’t be allowed on the beach in them, especially when you consider the fact that they don’t have any tops on. But since I won’t be seeing women wearing these same bikinis, then I will accept that men are wearing them instead.

Men wearing bikinis are hot! Perfect by thongs and G-strings too!

Men wearing bikinis are hot! Perfect by


The good thing is that the men wearing bikinis that I have seen are all rather attractive looking men. I would much rather look at men that actually have a decent body and know how to take care of themselves while wearing a bikini than some of the guys that are out there eating hotdogs and not even trying to stay in shape wearing them. Maybe one day I will try out one of these sexy little bikinis and see what all the fuss is about. I’m sure I would get plenty of attention while I was walking down the beach just like these other guys. After all, I do make an effort to stay in shape.


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Confident Men Wearing Bikinis

Confident Men Wearing Bikinis

When it comes to men wearing bikinis, there are a lot of them out there. Sure, you may not see them walking down every beach, but you never know what someone might have on under their clothes. I know a lot of guys that love wearing bikinis under their clothes, even when they are working. In fact, I tend to wear a bikini under my suit while I am sitting in board meetings every once in a while, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take yours out to the beach if you want.

Men wearing bikinis isn’t all that odd if you really think about it. Granted, most people tend to think that women only wear bikinis, but there are quite a few options for men that will make them look extremely sexy. If that is something you might be interested in, then you should start looking around online for a bikini that will rock your world. Just make sure that you are ready to wear this bikini before you start walking around on the beach. If you aren’t comfortable wearing a bikini, then the other people on the beach are going to be able to tell, and instead of lusting after you, they’ll just laugh and point.


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Men wearing bikinis including extreme micros by cock/anal gear

Men wearing bikinis including extreme micros by

The Comfort of Men Wearing Bikinis

The Comfort of Men Wearing Bikinis

When you see men wearing bikinis you probably think that they are gay or bisexual and out on the beach just to show off their bodies. While they are probably trying to show off their bodies the best way they think possible, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are gay or bisexual. There are a lot of straight men in loving relationships that are wearing these bikinis just because they like the way they feel and how great they look. Now, there might be some that have a sexual component to wearing these bikinis, but most are just looking for something different to wear.

If you are interested in men wearing bikinis and you want to give it a shot, then the first thing you are going to need to do is start looking around online for a bikini you would be willing to wear out in public. When you find something that makes you feel comfortable enough to wear out in public, then you will be more than happy to wear it around your own home when no one else is around. Once you are happy with the bikini that you have purchased, you can feel comfortable in wearing it out in public for everyone else to enjoy seeing.


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