I love men wearing bikinis

Is It Weird to See Men Wearing Bikinis?

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At first thought, I was thinking that it would definitely be weird to see men wearing bikinis. Of course I am used to seeing women wear bikinis with their vagina a little too visible and I couldn’t imagine how guys would look in one. Imagine, with their dicks bulging and their thigh muscles protruding, it wouldn’t really be the nicest sight to see.


But when I tried wearing mens bikinis I figured that it isn’t weird and can also be very fashionable if you know how to play around it and experiment with your body. Thus, a lot of people who have seen men wearing bikinis are no longer as surprised if the man that they see is me. I am able to strut it fashionably and it is also very perfect for my body.


Yes, I have now come to love the fact that my dick is showing when I wear bikinis for men but it doesn’t bother me at all. This is why I am suggesting that if you still haven’t tried wearing the same thing, to do so before you judge yourself that you wouldn’t look good in it. And the next time you see men wearing bikinis, it wouldn’t be such an off sight for you.